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I don't think PSU fans think the Big Ten needs them. They're simply fed up of bad calls consistly costing them the game--and they are bad calls.


It's couldn't be father from the truth to say that Penn State thinks the Big Ten needs them. The problem lies in the fact that the Big Ten has never really welcomed them in. The one-sided officiating and bias is the whole problem that has most of us upset. We're not going to win a national championship in the Big Ten without fighting the entire conference tooth and nail to get it. How do you fight a solid schedule and the conference at the same time? And no, a conference title is little consolation when your goals are much higher than that and they should be higher.


We're tired of constantly being screwed by the refs vs scUM. 1999 the scUM OL were damn near tackling Courtney Brown and no calls were made. In 2002 Tony Johnson made a great catch in bounds - you could see the divot he left - and it was ruled out of bounds. We had to settle for a FG to force OT.

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